Did you know Economic 发展 means complimentary consultative services for Prince William County businesses? 

The purpose of our Economic 发展 programs is to promote, 保留, and accelerate the profitable growth of all County businesses, 包括为目标行业提供的加急服务:

  • 创业企业
  • 生命科学
  • 信息通信技术
  • Federal Government Contracting Corporate and Federal Facilities
  • 物流 & 供应链,目的地和旅游场所
  • 发展区及重建区

These sectors are part of the County’s strategic plan to increase the identified growth markets, 为全县劳动力提供就业机会, 并为公司建立总部提供空间, 分支机构, 或者单个实体位置.

Use your county resources today—take a look at this listing of our offerings and let us know how we can help you plan your business.

Need resources or have questions and can’t find it on our website? 请随时联系米歇尔·韦瑟利,电话是 MWeatherly@pwcgov.org or 703-792-5500.

You really don’t have to search any farther to get all the factual information you need to make smart and strategic decisions about your business operations. Our in-house staff works daily to update our information on the economy, 市场状况, 以及该县与其他地区的差距.


  • 社区概况-关于该县的关键数据
  • 本县劳动力人口统计数据
  • Business information on major employers to help you create strategies for competing and succeeding in the marketplace
  • 映射工具 – remarkable and free instrument; explore the county for current company locations or for new opportunities in land development
  • 比较——你选择这里是对的, just take a look to confirm the informed decision you made to make Prince William your home
  • 劳动力 – your own information tool to find the skilled workforce you need
One of Economic 发展’s leading responsibilities is to help our businesses gain brand exposure. Our marketing staff will help announce your business successes, 帮助扩大和提高您在该地区的品牌知名度.
  • We’re available to participate in ribbon-cutting; send us the details, 我们会把它记在日程表上的, (超链接)推广它并庆祝你的里程碑.
  • We schedule our social media and press releases daily and weekly, so we’re always in real-time for your press to hit the masses. Don’t be hesitate to toot your own horn and talk about your company. 这是免费的宣传,而且很有效!
  • We also post company press releases about our County businesses on our website; send your press releases to our Marketing Director, 特雷弗·约翰逊.

In our digital age, it’s easy to stay in and interact online without leaving your business or home. Prince William Economic 发展 encourages the business community to meet your peers in person and online! 经济发展, we encourage our businesses to use all forms of networking opportunities and increase your knowledge of new and emerging industries and trends in the marketplace. 为此目的, 我们与许多团体合作, 作为该地区的专家发言人参与, and produce our own information to keep our businesses abreast of new information that is useful to help build and grow your customer base.

Economic 发展 is a member of the Prince William Chamber and Northern VA Chamber, and we encourage businesses to check out both associations for engagement opportunities. The organizations serve different markets and it is worth joining both if your business reaches outside of Prince William. Other organizations in which we participate and encourage you to explore: Northern VA Technology Council, 北弗吉尼亚黑人商会, 波托马克军官俱乐部, 前年, 消费者技术协会, 北弗吉尼亚建筑工业协会, 中大西洋创业协会, NOVA西班牙商会,  Association of Women in International Trade and the Associated General Contractors Association.

经济发展局每天为县内企业服务, and when you’re ready to grow or move to a new location; consider consulting us first. 我们可以帮你找房地产经纪人, 可用的属性, 或者帮助所有类型的搬迁决策. We have helped hundreds of companies expand here; purchase land and build their own space, 或者为成长型公司租赁一些新的、令人兴奋的东西. When you consider why PWC – consider what you have here – a highly educated workforce, a dependable and friendly county government to help you through the moving/expansion process, and a location along a very strategic highway known as 95 and 66. 在华盛顿交通的混合碗之外的美丽, 但并非超出商业范围, 合作企业, 或是美丽的开放空间,享受美好的家庭生活.


  • Prince William Economic 发展 Opportunity Fund – created by the Board of Supervisors to help 保留 and attract targeted industry businesses. Economic 发展 recommends the use of funds to the BOS and there is a process to obtain funds, including a performance agreement between the County and your business. 资金可用于改善基础设施, 现场准备, 员工服务, 和/或资本设备采购.
  • 新就业计划和小企业新就业计划
  • 农林工业发展基金(AFID)
  • 联邦机会基金(COF)
  • 主要合资格雇主资助计划
  • 维吉尼亚州经济发展激励补助金
  • 弗吉尼亚投资绩效补助金(VIP)
  • 弗吉尼亚企业区-创造就业补助金
  • 弗吉尼亚就业投资计划(VJIP)
  • 弗吉尼亚企业区-不动产投资补助
  • HubZone
  • TechZone
  • 对外贸易区
  • 购买土地等固定资产的直接贷款

Economic 发展 works alongside the Planning and 发展 Departments to help expedite any businesses’ needs.

规划署 has three divisions: Long Range Planning, Current Planning, and Zoning Administration. The office is responsible for the development and implementation of the County’s Comprehensive Plan, 其中包括审查开发应用程序, 支持土地利用工具和政策, 并担任董事会的工作人员, 委员会, 和佣金.

发展服务部(DDS)mg冰球突破豪华版试玩网站的主要开发机构吗. DDS与许多附属机构密切合作. DDS provides expedited permitting for many of our industries and supports business projects with the assignment of a 县项目经理 监督开发过程. Visit Building 发展 for new commercial construction and information on the structural opening of a business in an existing 建筑. 发展 Services has a convenient tool to conduct remote business using the e-portal: http://egeportal.pwcgov.org/CAPSite/Public/Main

DDS can help your company with land development, safety issues and zoning questions. Reach out to this department for any of your questions on business remodeling, 建筑, 或者其他建设问题.